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What is Boze?

It's a Minecraft utility mod for anarchy servers

Built in mods

Baritone, Sodium, and Fabric API

These essential mods come pre-installed with Boze, so you can launch right away without having to bother installing them. Boze's render system is built to work flawlessly with sodium, and baritone is integrated with several modules, as well as the command system.


Advanced Renders

Boze has over 25 highly customizable render modules. Most have support for rainbow colors, cool shaders, glow, blur, and most importantly - every shader render has a fast render option, so you can have good framerates, even on lower-end computers.

PVP and self defence

Combat Modules for Everyone

Whether you want to PVP at spawn or just wanna vibe, Boze has you covered. Its Offhand module works flawlessly on strict anti-cheats, and its AutoCrystal is designed to be fast and accurate on all servers, for both aggressive and more passive playstyles. It also has lots of other combat modules, such as Surround, HoleFill, SelfTrap, and more.